A Better Start To Your Day

The alarm buzzes and you’re in the zone between asleep and awake – and what you do at this moment can make a huge difference to your day.

In yoga, during the sun salutations, you’ll often hear the instructor say: “now set your intention for the day”.   It’s all about creating an awareness of your thoughts, and choosing what thoughts to focus on.

Most people’s first thoughts on a workday are negative (I’ve got to get up NOW and I’m sooo tired, I’ve got to get that report done by 11am, I’ve got to go grocery shopping at lunchtime, I’ve got to go to the dentist after work) – all of which gets your mind on a negative track. And what you think about grows: so if you start your day thinking about the bad stuff you have coming up, your mind will helpfully find other bad stuff to add to the list!

So do this instead – take a couple of deep, slow breaths, and think of the day ahead, focusing on the good things that will happen today. Yes, there are bad/boring/difficult things to come (in most days), but find the good ones, then spend a few moments focusing on them, enjoying them before they even happen.

When you start the day with a positive rather than negative mindset, it changes everything.  Your mood, your physical alertness, how you react to events and others, and more.

Try it tomorrow. It will make a difference, I promise!

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash


Smiling: it’s easy to do, yet most of us don’t do it enough. We get caught up in thoughts of what we have to do or what we have done (imperfectly or just plain wrong, according to the thoughts buzzing around our heads); and when things went wrong, instead of when things went right.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect.

Life doesn’t have to be (and rarely is) exactly how you planned it.

Things will go wrong. 

People will not always behave in the way that we thought they would, or in the way we would like them to.

That’s life.

Whatever happens in your life today, choose to be grateful;

be happy, and smile for all the good things you do have, and for all the problems that you don’t.