Autumn Leaves

Summer is a riot of colours; followed by lovely autumn, when the colours turn to vibrant hues of yellow, red, copper and gold. Remember how bright the flowers were during summer? Well now it’s time for the leaves to shine and show off.

Look at how the leaves drop one by one, gently falling and twisting before finding their way to the ground. On windy days, the wind requests a last wistful dance and they get up again, swirling merrily before settling again on the ground when the wind has had it’s fun.

Kicking through autumn leaves is a wonderful childlike pleasure of autumn. Listen as the leaves crunch when you step on them, and watch them jump when you kick into them.

As autumn advances, notice how the gold and copper colours turn into a deep brown, and how they start to rot slowly into the soil: providing next year’s nourishment for the trees and plants they surround.

It’s a gift from the old to the new.  Take the time to appreciate their beauty and the nourishment they provide to the earth.

Photo by Bernd Schulz on Unsplash

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